Sometimes, we envy see any great couple who are so compact in public; and fantasize Could we and our spouse applies equally to the couple. However, sometimes, we do actually require couples to pursue the views of others that you and your partner are a couple terserasi in the world.

There are two tips to create a harmonious relationship.

1. Being Yourself

Sometimes, we ordered the pair to appear fashionable, not childish, elegant, and so on. We are not aware that these measures are not directly heartbreaking partner.

He considers us his drive and want to turn it into a strange figure. He can assume that during this time we tdak love, we just memeralatnya be “people we like” without us trying to be someone who loves too.

These are the important points. By demanding a lot of things, actually we do not respect ourselves couples. In fact, we are also not being yourself. We become self demanded by the concept of the public think that the mismatched pair must be such and such.

Make your partner is comfortable being himself, showing love in his own way, and make you, too. It did not take long, you will realize that you and your partner can perform matching without the need to pay attention to public view.

2. Seeking Perfection

There is a perfect man. He refused all women cover because he is looking for women who are similar to themselves. Then, when he found the perfect woman, she applied for the woman. However, what happens?

The woman said, “you’re looking for the perfect woman, as well as me. To me, you’re not a perfect man “.

Sometimes, we are demanding lover must do things perfectly. He should not be angry when we get angry, he should not cry when we yell, or he should not cuddle in public. These things are clearly torture couples. Moreover, if we memerlakukan otherwise. We get angry when angry, but do not tolerate if couples do the same.

In any case, the couple we are human, not a robot. Do not look for perfection if you can not be perfect. Is not the relationship will be more harmonious if each is to cover the shortfall, or consider it not important?
Mate or not the couple can be seen from it. People who are not destined to be always looking for faults to “punish” the couple. Instead, they are destined to be looking for goodness couples and grateful with what their attitude

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